Posted in January 2012

Chef Christina

I’ve recently discovered a hidden talent of mine while living here in Italy. What might that be you may wonder? Yes, yes it is exactly what you are thinking. I make a mean garlic bread. Now many of you may argue, “oh but Christie anyone can make that, it’s so easy!” Nay. Not like this. … Continue reading

Matthew 6:34

I am continually baffled by the lifestyles of Italian culture. At first glance, one might consider it inefficient, undeveloped even, compared to the way we Americans get from one day to the next, but I think instead it is one we should learn from. In America we are continually looking forward, and granted from this … Continue reading


Google Translate that… I dare you. Hokay So. Yesterday I had my first Archaeology class (Interesting right? Yes, very.) The primary objective of the course is to teach the history of Italy and such, I mean… makes sense. Anyway. I learned that 9 a.m., insufficient coffee, and educational powerpoints make for interesting thought processes. Just … Continue reading


There is a good chance my boss just told me she has herpes and an even better chance that I responded with “Oh I get those all the time!” which would explain the horrified look I recieved in response). Looking back, I now realize that conversation could have gone substantially different if I did not mistakenly … Continue reading

Non Capisco.

Salve! Io mi chiamo Christie. Io sono Americana di Springfield, Missouri. Io parlo poco italiano. Arrivederci!  TA DA! Just one Italian class down and I’m nearly fluent. A prodigy no doubt. I’ve now survived both my first day of school and my first day as an intern. In fact, those two activities combined were still … Continue reading


This is the view from one of my classrooms. It’s whatever. 

Culture Shock Schmulture Schmock

What I learned my first day in Italy A local liqueur called Limoncello, traditionally served after meals to “aid digestion”, is to be slowly sipped and savored and NOT thrown back as a shot… it is frowned upon Blonde hair is a rarity, a delicacy if you will, and serves as a giant sign that … Continue reading

How you say… Holy Cow?

I’M ALIVE! Two flights, one overweight suitcase, and an hours worth of my life flashing before my eyes, I have finally arrived in Sorrento! The traveling was not so bad, in fact, I quite enjoy airports. Only half and hour into finding my gate in Dallas I discovered nearly ten other US students traveling to … Continue reading