Ciao Y’all! As I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight I am quickly realizing that is the extent of my Italian vocabulary… The “Ciao” that is. (I am currently in Dallas, Texas so the “Y’all” seemed fitting.) In just a few hours I will be boarding a plane that will land in Madrid, Spain nine short hours later where I will then board yet another plane to end in Naples, Italy where a lady by the name of Olga is alleged to be picking me up. Olga will A) hopefully be holding a sign with my name on it like from the movies but B) serve as my ride to the costal town of Sorrento where I will be living the next 4 months. Crazy right? Indeed. While I am sad to leave my family, friends, and American luxuries here in the states, I am excited for my new adventure ahead and confident it will the the experience of a lifetime. And this blog is my invitation to you (whoever you may be) to join me as I embark on this epic journey (too dramatic?… pffff). So say a quick prayer for the pilot and I will be back with more in 24 hours! God is good! (All the time.) SHOUT OUT TO MAH SISTER ABBY… UN. Okay well um… Ciao!