How you say… Holy Cow?

I’M ALIVE! Two flights, one overweight suitcase, and an hours worth of my life flashing before my eyes, I have finally arrived in Sorrento! The traveling was not so bad, in fact, I quite enjoy airports. Only half and hour into finding my gate in Dallas I discovered nearly ten other US students traveling to Europe to study abroad so new friends were made and the company was well appreciated. Upon boarding the 9 hour flight, I lucked out and was seated next to a friendly 25 year old Spaniard named Noam who was traveling to Brussels. Noam, thank you Lord for Noam, took me “under his wing” if you will. Although I didn’t feel that my complete sense of helplessness while traveling was outwardly expressed, he must have somehow sensed my despair as he walked me through immigration, translated a restaurant menu, and delivered me to my next gate. After my second flight, being much shorter than the first, I exited the Naples airport to find Luigi, not Olga, holding a sign with my name (SCORE). Turns out Luigi enjoys driving faster than the average NASCAR racer. I tried my hardest to not act frightened as to offend his skill, however multiple audible gasps escaped my mouth. Apart from driving and the continuous jokes I fell for every… single… time…, Luigi was the man (and for the record if you ever meet him and he calls you a “sucker”, I taught him that). It turns out he has driven numerous celebrities, Leonardo DeCaprio being amongst the few names dropped. So basically that makes me famous too right? Anyhow, I then arrived at my hotel where my Landlord was waiting for me. Mrs. Rossana, who I am fairly confident speaks zero english whatsoever, led me up to my apartment which turned out to be much much nicer than I was letting myself expect. My six other roomies, all from New York and all wonderful, were already there and cooked me a classic Italian meal of grilled cheese for dinner (note: if you say it with an italian accent it makes it legit). After extensive chatting and less extensive drinking of wine, I have managed to unpack my bags and am more than ready to call it a night. Tomorrow is already my first day of school! (“FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!” -Maddy).