Culture Shock Schmulture Schmock

What I learned my first day in Italy

  1. A local liqueur called Limoncello, traditionally served after meals to “aid digestion”, is to be slowly sipped and savored and NOT thrown back as a shot… it is frowned upon
  2. Blonde hair is a rarity, a delicacy if you will, and serves as a giant sign that screams “look at me I’m not from here”
  3. I am going to get fat. End of story.
  4. The motorcycles do not, I repeat, do not, slow down
  5. A Mid afternoon siesta is not a practice within Hispanic cultures only, inconveniently enough all stores close down at the exact time you were planning on running errands
  6. I will perhaps never tolerate the way American guys dress
  7. No matter where I stand or out what window I look, every view in this city looks identical to the one photoshopped on postcards
  8. Nuns still exist people. They are as real as you and I.
  9. Just when you think you are catching on to the language… You discover you have been speaking a blend of French and Spanish.
  10. It’s not quite as warm as the pictures on google elude to
  11. When someone tells you the hot water in the shower runs out after 5 minutes, there’s a solid chance they are not kidding
  12. The number of people that are aware of Missouri’s general placement on a map besides those actually from Missouri themselves can be counted on my left hand
  13. Scratch that I am not going to get fat, I have become an avid power walker
  14. Finding a street sign is similar to a game of where’s Waldo
  15. Honking is simply saying “Hello” and road rules are more of suggestions
  16. Charades is a universal form of communication
  17. Carbonated water is gross. However gelato is the food of angels.
  18. No matter what country I go to, I’ll never escape the song “I’m sexy and I know it”
  19. When you meet someone named luigi, it is wise to include a descriptive nick name such as “luigi piccalo (short)” for you are most likely about to meet another luigi within the next half hour
  20. Learn what you’re saying before you repeat it, nobody wants to be that girl saying “good morning” at 7 pm. Trust me.