Non Capisco.

Salve! Io mi chiamo Christie. Io sono Americana di Springfield, Missouri. Io parlo poco italiano. Arrivederci! 

TA DA! Just one Italian class down and I’m nearly fluent. A prodigy no doubt. I’ve now survived both my first day of school and my first day as an intern. In fact, those two activities combined were still easier than what followed… the inevitable trip to the grocery store. I might as well have been shopping in another galaxy. Here’s what they don’t tell you (I would write this down): weigh the fruit, garlic is “aglio” in italian, and bag your own groceries because no matter how long you stand there with a blank look on your face a non existent bag boy is not going to magically appear at the end of the register. Whatever, no hard feelings… Anywho. So school. Can’t say I have much to complain about in light of my twice a week schedule. Three classes then one online. My first, International Business, is a whopping size of two. Next, Italian 101 (more like 3000) is an unheard of 9, and lastly Strategic Problem Solving ends the day with this girl in a class of her own. Boom. The other days I intern at Sorrento Sunland: Dream Weddings in Italy. Seriously, what a bummer right? Today was my first day to work. I work with four other young women. We took three coffee breaks (I finally got my first cup of American coffee) and a two hour break for lunch (although I must admit it was much needed after endless hours of leisurely browsing through wedding magazines). So as you can see I’m suffering over here in Lemonland. *cough…SARCASM…sniff* HOKAY. Well… that’s all for now folks! *SKRTCH* OVER AND OUT *SKRTCH*