Google Translate that… I dare you.

Hokay So.

Yesterday I had my first Archaeology class (Interesting right? Yes, very.) The primary objective of the course is to teach the history of Italy and such, I mean… makes sense. Anyway. I learned that 9 a.m., insufficient coffee, and educational powerpoints make for interesting thought processes. Just for giggles, I thought I’d let you inside my world for a brief moment to experience just a taste of exactly what was being retained from a two hour lecture on Roman Culture.

-I wonder if anyone else thinks the way she is saying Amphitheatre sounds funny. AmphitheaTHER. THER THER THER. Shoot I didn’t mean to laugh out loud. Oh no, she’s looking at me, can’t stop….

-GUH. Stupud broken zipper.

-So if they had chariot races in the Colosseum then could flood it to have ship battles, could they have water chariot races? Like floating chariots pulled by dolphins? Woah. That’d be sweet.

-If pumice comes from volcanos, how exfoliated do you think the Pompeiians were? Wait, that’s kinda messed up… too soon? Moving on.

-If that volcano erupted right now, what would I do? Jump out the window and get in the ocean, that way I could go underwater if a giant surge headed this way.

-Volcano diagrams kinda look like dermatology brochures… Ew. Maybe I should just keep that to myself.

-HAHAHA. The word “Ves” literally stands for ” the one who makes it rain.” So that’s where that phrase came from… I make it rain, I MAKE IT RAIN, I make it rain lava floooow.


My Mom says I don’t have ADD.

Online quizzes tell me otherwise.

Ehh details.