Team SAI

Hey kids. So I decided it was at this point in our relationship that I’d introduce you to my gang. By gang I am referring to the other two Study Abroad Italy students in Sorrento with me. Well technically there are 16 of us here but we are the only SAI homies, therefore making us an elite clique. On the left, meet Samantha Wallace (gentlemen, yes she is indeed single). Samantha, or Sam as I like to call her, goes to Ithica College in New York. Besides her, the rogue male looking figure in the center, is Smith… Justin Smith (and ladies, he too is ridin’ the solo wagon). Justy goes to Xavier University in Ohio… woo hoo. And as for the exotic beauty on the right… well… anyways. So all that said, we are basically the Three Musketeers/amigos/blind mice/Hanson… Whatever. In conclusion, I highly suggest Facebook friending slash creeping on Justin and Sam. It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made… within the five minutes it takes you to do so. BYE!