What a weekend! On Friday, nine of us girls… and Justin… flew to Barcelona, Spain for the weekend! Although I wish I could say the extent of my knowledge for the country ran deeper than what I learned from the Cheetah Girl’s Movie on Disney Channel… it did not. HOWEVER, that left zero implications towards my experience. Upon entering the country, my education of the Spanish language totaling a class in 5th grade and a few episodes of Dora the Explorer created a flawless blend with the locals… one might call me the true chameleon of my generation. And yes, all that has been said thus far is sarcasm. Regardless of the fact I understood very little of the conversations I attempted (taxi drivers by far the most entertaining), the city of Barcelona was more beautiful than I had expected from Google image searches. The hostel we stayed at was quite an adventure. Due to confusion while booking, Sam and I found ourselves separated from the rest of the group and rooming with the Swiss, Peruvian, French, and Australian. I’m not complaining, they were super nice. I was, however, laughed at and told I sounded just like the movies upon responding in a conversation with “Oh my gosh that is SO awesome!” Turns out that’s an American expression. Anyways. On the first day we arrived we made sure to eat the most traditional meal of the culture, Paella (pictured below… and yes those things had faces), then topped it off with the traditional drink of Sangria. That night we ventured to the night life district where after being turned away from one club due to our attire… seriously… we then found a better club where we made friends with a group from Manchester, England (ACCENTS INCLUDED) and danced the night away. The next day we toured some of the city, the Sagrada Familia being the most impressive work of art by far (once again, pictured below, with the finger to prove it’s legit.). That night we had tickets to see the Barcelona soccer team play against Real Sociedad and the game was WICKED COOL. Freezing? Yes. But awesome? YES (Last picture, I promise. Note the new ballin’ scarf swag.). Afterwards we once again went steady clubbin’ to a place where the attendance was more than double the total enrollment number of my college at home… that’s whats up. So all in all the trip was a success with only minor difficulties along the way. Yet at the end of the day, I’ll admit I missed good ol’ Sorrento.