Tea Time!

Since the boys in our group up and went to Florence without out us ladies this weekend, (although I suppose that’s slightly how the Barcelona trip played out…), a professor from our school decided to host a lovely little tea party… NO BOYS ALLOWED. We dressed in our Sunday’s best and spent the rainy afternoon cozy on couches sipping warm beverages and daintily nibbling on delectably sweet novelties. Even the director of Sorrento Lingue, (the university of which I currently attend), came and joined as we girls giggled over stories and shared experiences from the trip thus far. Further more, as a result of this pleasant rendezvous, I now I have picture in which I can introduce the girls of the group! Yay! (To those feeling for having yet to be mentioned, I offer my sincerest apologies.) Anywho. Below is the picture with a caption proceeding to add a name to the face. Piacere?!

Top Row (left to right): Yours Truly; Sam (you’ve already met her); Erica Haight

Bottom Row: Caitlin; Lizzy; Kat; Maddy; Megan; Emily

So all except Sam, Caitlin, and I are students at Alfred State in New York (no, not New York City). Erica and Megan are seniors and business majors with me and the others are junior architect majors. Neat huh? Lizzy and Maddy (no she doesn’t talk in her sleep…) are my roomates and the other girls live in the apartment next door. So fun right?! Right. Well there’s the gang! You should be meeting the boys in the near future so stay posted. Ciao!