Sweethearts, Saints, and Space Heaters

Whilst (saw that word on a British website today) February 14th is typically known as the American Hallmark holiday of roses and chocolate, ole St. Valentine was not the only man celebrated this past Tuesday in the little town of Sorrento. Although Valentine’s day is no doubt acknowledged here, it is in fact over shadowed by the annual celebration held for the city’s famous local Saint; St. Antonino. Double holiday? You better believe it. Unique only to Sorrento alone, the St. Antonino Day festival shuts the town down to celebrate (CAN I GET A NO SCHOOL). Kicking off the day with a parade in the morning, representatives from each church within the town sport traditional dress as they and a band march around the city for an hour plus. Afterwards, locals and tourists alike make their way to the main square where the surrounding streets are filled with hundreds of vendors selling everything from crepes to space heaters (both of which I most definitely invested in). It was more a spectacle than one can relay through social media, I’ll tell you that. There was music and games and candy and balloons; it was like a giant carnival where I had no idea what anyone was saying. Talk about exciting. To top it off, the night was brought to an end with fireworks and of course more fun. (For those of you curious as to the Valentine portion of my endeavors; it’s none of your business… BUT if you must know, I did go on a date.) So all in all, my St. Antonino/Valentine’s Day mash up experience has easily made it into my top 5 favorite moments thus far throughout my adventures.