The Chronicles of Tuscany

This past weekend my host program Study Abroad Italy whisked around 60 of its students away for an all-inclusive trip exploring the hidden jewels of Italy’s Tuscany region. The group was primarily kiddos from the Rome program (excluding us three Sorrento amigos) and I have never been so sure that the television show Jersey Shore exists in my life. I honestly think I understood the Italians better than half the group. Needless to say I now have lots of slang to bring back to the south. Anywho. SAI put us up in a resort, yes resort, complete with thermal baths, included meals eaten inside an 13th century church, and an unreal view surrounding the entire site. The three day trip showed us the rural side of Italy that many people often go without seeing. We visited tiny mountainside villages, a breathtaking lake, a local cheese factory, and a beautiful vineyard (wine tasting included). To add to the experience, apparently the region hadn’t seen snow for the past 50 years yet we were fortunate enough to witness a good foot of the white fluff covering the landscape. I felt like I was in Narnia (hence the title?). Hanyway, so that was pretty neat. Plus as a little bonus, SAI got a hotel for Sam, Justy, and I to stay in Rome the last night before we headed home. Some good friends we made on the excursion took us out around town that night which wasn’t near enough time but gave a good taste for when I go back.  But as always, I’m quite happy to be back in my own little Sorrento, I’m really getting quite possessive over this town. Leaving should be interesting, but let’s not think about that yet. Well, methinks its Honey Nut Cheerio time! You stay classy San Diego (extra points for naming that movie).