Hey Gang! So by the time you have read this I should be well on my way to perhaps one of the most epic adventures of my, well… for lack of a less dramatic statement, my life. In other words, thus marks the dawn of SPRING BREAK 2012! HECK YEAH! Midterms are over and my suitcase is packed (yes father, to the brim), so, drumroll please, LONDON AND DUBLIN HERE I COME! The other three Ninja Turtles (our team name of the week AND featured above) shall be accompanying me as Sam, Justy, Catie, and I take England and Ireland by storm. We will stay in London from tonight and Wednesday then fly out to Dublin where we are meeting the rest of our Sorrento buddies to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (where better of a place for that than the home of the Leprechauns am I right?). We will finally return to good ole Sorrento the next Monday (assuming we’re alive and hopefully on time for class…. cough). And to top it off my family will be here by the time I get back! CAN I GET A KOWABUNGA?! (Spelling? Whatever…. Dude.) While it’s hard to express the extent of my excitement through mere words on a blog, just know that there is no amount of exclamation points that could capture the anticipation bubbling through my veins. So while I could attempt to predict what activities the trip will entail, I’ll instead be honest and admit I have very little idea of what exactly lies ahead the next ten days. Obviously “prepared” is not one of my many middle names. I did, however, make sure to print off my flight confirmations so points for that right? Off to a good start. Plus I have a flawless British accent so maneuvering should be a piece of cake. And then for Dublin, I’m expecting some sort of “Leap Year”/”P.S. I Love You” experience so fingers crossed. Okie doke, well it’s go time and I don’t want to be any later than I usually am so this is good-bye for now but get excited for the next post that follows! Before I jet (or get in one… HA! Get it?), I’ll leave you with some lovely photos to give you little peek at what I’ve been experiencing here in southern Italy as the weather has been warming up for Spring. BON VOYAGE MATES AND LASSIES! (Note the multi country slang combo there.)