Cheers Mate

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I AM STILL ALIVE. Sheesh. It’s been many a full moon since my last blogtastic post and for that I apologize. However, this blogging bandit is back in action and tip-tappin’ double time. So let’s start at where we left off. I believe the last you heard was of my excitement for what we college students like to call Spring Break 2012. And that it was. I would combine the whole ten days into one post but lets be real… nobody’s attention span would last that long. Instead I shall recap by location, beginning with the all so popular London.

Upon entering England, I noticed one of two things. One, I could understand what the flight attendants were saying to me and two, THE AIRPORT HAD A STARBUCKS. Imagine the best day of your life and multiply it by seven. Seriously. So after inhaling my ever so missed white mocha with caramel, Sammy, Justin, Catie, and I then went on the adventure of finding our hostel. Looking back now I suppose going to three wrong locations before finally finding the correct one wouldn’t have been so bad… if it hadn’t been two in the morning. Anyhow, found the place and got settled into our quaint little room with 21 of our closest friends. Yes, you heard correctly: a twenty-one person hostel room. One shower. Two bathrooms. P-A-R-T-Y. Lets just say I was grateful my parents never let me watch all those hostel horror movies.

So London was nearly what I expected, comparable to New York City or any other city with an absurdly large population at that. We successfully completed our bucket list of things to do and more. The first day a Study Abroad Italy coordinator from the London group (go figure), invited us along on of their excursions where we toured Shakespeare’s Globe Theater then took a ferry down the Thames River to Greenwich where we all got our proper English meal of fish and chips then shopped around local markets and such. My shoe conveniently (or inconveniently… look at it however you want) broke while in front of a shoe store so of course I just HAD to buy some new ones… Darn…

The next day was Sam’s 21st birthday so of course it was a blast. We enjoyed a true English breakfast (they eat beans for breakfast… weird) then wandered around a main square in the city’s center. However, the following day had to of been my favorite. We found (drumroll) 221 B Baker Street. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie 47 times as some people who shall remain unnamed…. It is Sherlock Holmes house. SAWEET RIGHT? We then went to the equally cool Camden Market, which was incomprehensibly gigantic and absolutely lethal to my bank account but AH-MAZING.

For our last day there we did the tourist thing to do and made our way to the Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards and then went to see ole Big Ben, Westminister Abbey (where the royal couple were wed), and the giant Ferris Wheel you see in pictures (which I am just now learning is called the London Eye).

So all in all London was pretty neato and ladies the fashion was LEGIT. My one piece of advice would be to have someone explain the Underground (London’s subway ssystem) instead of assuming you’ll figure it out on your own… because you probably won’t. Anywho, I do believe that’s all for Foggy London Town. Check out the pics and stay tuned for more! Chap chap cheerio!