They’re After Me Lucky Charms

London Schmondon… On to Dublin. I hate to play favorites but thus far I believe Ireland has been my second favorite country in Europe… right behind Italy of course. After a dreadful morning of traveling entailing the mourned loss of many good shower products and nearly $100 worth of over weight luggage (cough I BLAME YOU RYAN AIR cough), we finally arrived in Dublin and were immediately greeted by the most friendly airport employees I’ve possibly ever experienced. Our hotel was on the outside of the city in a small costal town called Bray where a bus dropped us off. Bray was the most quintessentially quaint (say that five times fast) Irish town I could have hoped for after the hustle and bustle of busy London. We spent our first day relaxing and exploring, enjoying our first taste Chinese food outside of America (at my request) and delicious candies from a local sweets shop.

The next morning we set out on a seaside hike up the cliffs of Bray and saw the most beautiful slights I had witnessed all break. Later that afternoon we ventured into Dublin to meet the rest of the Sorrento group and do a little sight seeing. We visited multiple museums and a wonderful library then made our way to Dublin’s pride and joy, the Guinness Factory. The boys enjoyed learning the history of beer while us ladies enjoyed getting our faces painted. T’was a good time had by all.

The following day was March 17th, or what we like to call good ole Saint Patty’s Day. What better place then Ireland to celebrate the day of the Irish right? Although I’m embarrassed to say that packing green attire must have slipped my mind. We all woke up early to attend quite possibly the most unusual parade I have ever seen… and I’ve seen many a parade. I’m convinced to this day at least half of the floats were on some form of drugs. The streets were packed and we made friends with a local family who appreciated our service of putting their three young children upon the shoulders of our tallest guys so they could see over the crowd. After the parade we followed the majorities to the Temple Bar area, enjoying some green ice cream on the way. Fun was had and friends were made then the Three Amigos made our way back to get some sleep before our flight back to Sorrento the next morning. Well, I honestly have no better concluding remarks besides I LOVE IRELAND.  And potatoes. Too soon?