When In Rome… “Yes Go On?”

So while the end of spring break might imply “back to the grind” for most students, for myself this was not quite the case. As the bus pulled into the Sorrento station on our way home, I looked out the window to find my family awaiting my arrival. With my brother in his fashionably questionable cap, my mother attempting to figure out iPhone video, my sister preparing for me to jump on her, and my father just being Gerry Lee, I was nothing less than ecstatic to see them. To kick off their first day in Italy with their precious daughter (…me), I took them to one of us students’ favorite spots, the Roman Ruins. Apparently I have grown accustomed to extended lengths of walking as the huffing and puffing of the Lee Clan behind me suggested. Regardless the hike, they loved the scenic views. On our way back I took them first by my school to meet my teachers and friends and then by the English Inn to introduce my family to our crews’ regular hangout. That night we enjoyed a delicious Italian meal together as a family again at a restaurant whose name is currently escaping me but it was tasty all the same.

The next morning we left for Italy’s capital city, Rome. Luckily my wonderful mother had prepared my siblings “fun” packages for the flight over so Silly Putty entertained us for the majority of the train ride. The hotel we stayed at was beautiful and old but we wasted no time after checking in and set out to see the sights. Within two days we made it to nearly all the attractions including the Spanish Steps, the Wedding Cake building (my personal favorite), GELATO, the Vatican with St. Peter’s church, GELATO, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and last but certainly not least… Gelato. Although I could go into detail about each of the prior, the pictures below will do more justice. By the end of the trip we were all tired and ready to be back in the beautiful town of Sorrento where more days of fun were in store for the Lee Family Five.