Capri Sun

Ciao Ciao All! (Quote from Megamind. Stop. Highly recommend watching it. Stop.) So, last you heard my family was in town and we went to Rome. Update: We are now back in Sorrento (still with my family) as the adventures continue.  If you ever get the chance to come to the majestic city of Sorrento, you will find it is nearly impossible to visit without making a day trip to the famous island of Capri just half an hour’s boat ride away. So to continue their inception form of traveling (you know… a trip within another trip), that is exactly what my family did. After waking up and enjoying a lovely continental breakfast (I LOVE CONTINENTAL BREAKFASTS) at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in which my family stayed in, we set out toward Marina Piccalo to catch the ferry to Capri.

The weather was on our side with sunny skies and warm weather. The island was even better than I expected. A man suckered us (and easily at that) into joining his “special offer” tour group which turned out to be quite the deal. Our first activity was visiting the Blue Grotto, which consisted of a small cavern inside the mountain’s cliffs which when the sun hit the ocean floor the light reflected bright blue into the dark cave above. It was breathtaking. However, the best part was getting in there. My sister, brother, and I were put in the same canoe with a guide who decided to name us each after a character from the Simpsons (If you are from any Springfield anywhere, you will understand this common mistake). We were then forced to lay atop one another, the guide included in the dogpile, as he catapulted us through a tiny opening in the rocks. Scary? Pfff….. kinda. Once inside, all of the guides turn into the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean as they sing eerie songs that echo off the walls. Kiera Knightly had nothin’ on me.

After that, our guide took us up to the center of the city where all the shops and restaurants were located. After enjoying a delicious lunch we then hopped onto a ghetto chair lift that takes you to the highest point of the island. To my surprise I survived the 20-minute ride up the mountain. At the top were the most beautiful views I have yet to see. I could have spent all day just sitting in one spot. After somehow surviving once again the ancient chair lift ride back down, we met our guide to return to the port where we explored the island until it was time to catch the boat back to Sorrento. T’was a great ending to a great week.