You Do What On Easter?

So Italy, being the dominantly Catholic country that it is, is what you might call passionate about the Easter holiday. With school closed both Friday AND Monday in celebration, us students anxiously anticipated the weekend. To kick off our four days of freedom, the boys hosted a classy wine and cheese party at their apartment, formal attire required. We then found ways to kill time as we waited for the traditional Black Friday procession that fills the streets of Sorrento at a friendly 3 a.m. It was quite an eerie experience, with costumes vaguely resembling that of another clan and complete silence through the town apart from the occasional chant from those within the parade.

The next day the gang met up early for a quick game of soccer then headed to the Ruins for an afternoon at the beach. The sun felt nice as we laid out on the rocks. I was even suckered into jumping off the cliffs into the “oh-my-gosh-this-is-way-too-cold” water below. That night we had a family dinner of eggplant parmesan (which I helped cook… impressive, I know) then headed back into town to watch the second part of Sorrento’s Black Friday tradition that entailed another procession of similar creepiness.

On Easter Sunday we spent the day relaxing like the rest of the locals. Dozens of families headed down to the water where they picnicked in the boats pulled onto the shore. That evening we dressed in our Sunday’s best and went down to the marina to eat at a nice little restaurant that sits over the ocean. We ended the holiday at our favorite nightlife spot, The English Inn, where I ended up running into to one of my friends from high school! Turns out it’s a small world after all. While it was strange being away from home for the first time ever this Easter holiday, my friends here in Sorrento made it a wonderful weekend all the same.