Girl Time and Gondolas

With just about a month left of the semester and finals quickly closing in, the lovely Samantha and I decided a Ladies Getaway Weekend was way overdue. Hoping to escape the rain, we decided upon the romantic city of Venice for our upcoming excursion. After booking our flights and hotel, we then prepared our Venetian bucket list which we accomplished over half of the first day we arrived. I know I say this after every trip, but this time I mean it… Venice was truly the most beautiful city I’ve seen. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I fell in love with the island instantly. When they say it is a city built upon a lagoon, they are not kidding. There is water everywhere. Streets are non existent and merely sidewalks and bridges provide walking space through the winding water canals. There is no wonder why getting lost is at the top of the list for tourist suggestions because it is nearly impossible not to. We hit all the spots within the island including San Marco Square (So. Many. Pigeons.) and the Rialto Market (Beware of the fish). Of course we were suckered into a gondola ride within the first hour of meandering and yes… he absolutely serenaded us. Venice was a shoppers paradise that Sammy and I could hardly resist. From famous Murano glass shops to the ever so faithful H & M, we decided a Girl’s Weekend most definitely allotted sufficient shopping time. We ate a classic Venetian meal of risotto and prosecco then enjoyed delicious gelato while sitting by Grand Canal (As seen in Casino Royale all you James Bond fans). All in all, the weekend was wonderfully amazing and the girl time was wonderfully appreciated, no doubt a top highlight of my trip.