Whatever You Do, Don’t Say Mafia

Having just two weeks left of our stay in Italy, a few of us students here at Sorrento Lingue decided to take advantage of our last free weekend and make a trip to the country’s main island of Sicily. With a forecast of beautiful weather combined with a great deal on the train and hotel, Jacob, Sammy, Katie, and I headed down south to the small beach town of Letojanni. After experiencing my first overnight train, which wasn’t as bad as foretold, we hiked to our hotel, unpacked our things, grabbed a quick lunch beside the water, and hit the beach. Receiving a sufficient amount of sun (what some might call a sunburn…), we spend the entire first day enjoying the sun and exploring the tiny town (Cannoli consumption included, and immensely enjoyed). Exhausted from the travel we called in early and rested up for the day to come.

 The next morning we enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at the hotel then caught the bus to the neighboring city of Taormina. Built into the mountainside above the sea, the city was full of things to see. From Greek ruins to art shops to weddings in the main square, our day was packed just walking along the winding streets. I had my first taste of rice balls as the others told me they were called, which turned our to be quite delish. That night we headed back to Letojanni where we spent the evening at a beach sipping classic Sicilian drinks and walking along the shore.

 On Sunday we woke early to catch our train back to Sorrento. With nearly a three hour layover in Messina, a larger city in Sicily, we decided kill time sight seeing. Lugging our backpacks with us, we were pleasantly surprised at what we discovered. Messina had several beautiful churches and lots of other interesting attractions. Sweaty but satisfied, we then grabbed some ice cream (duh) and boarded the train to come home. I couldn’t have picked a better trip to end on.