It Can’t Be School If You Like It

You know how in school you are always reading about these different places oceans away that you’ll probably never see but have to learn about anyway? Imagine if you could actually go to what you see in the textbooks. Well welcome to the world of studying abroad. Technically considered “class”, our wonderful teachers filled our last few weeks of the semester jammed packed with field trips taking us where most will only ever see pictures of. Our excursions began nearly two hours outside of Sorrento in Cuma and Pozzuoli and then took us up the Amalfi Coast to the towns of Ravello and Positano (keep in mind these trips were divided into multiple days). And while I could rattle off “yes-I-got-an-A-on-my-final” facts about all the different locations that you’d prefer not to read as much as I’d prefer not to write, I think we’d both rather I entertain you through photographs.

Note: I apologize for the possible confusion over the settings of the pictures below due to lack of explanation, but if you feel so inclined to ask I’d be more than happy to expand.