Single Digit Days

It isn’t until you can count the days you have left on one hand that it dawns on you you’re actually leaving. So what do you do with the short time you have left? YOU GO HARD. That’s what. And oh, did we ever. After we had all formed our “Shoot, I really want to do that before I leave” list’s, the activities began. From hiking alongside the Mediterranean to dinner dates at places you’d take your mother (I’m not sure if that’s an expression…), we made sure we didn’t waste a single minute we had left. As for me, well I got my wish of dedicating an entire day to shopping which some of you at home will benefit from (wink wink). I also rode a tandem bike with an Italian man. Now that surprisingly wasn’t on my list but looking back now I’m not sure how I ever forgot it. I stocked up on my gelato fill as if it were going extinct and jumped off cliffs that could have made me extinct. We had family game nights and farewell lunches with the school’s staff. There was even a graduation ceremony for our Italian class! I got a certificate… which more or less verifies my fluency… Less than more perhaps but whatever, my mom will still hang it on the refrigerator (RIGHT MOM??).

Anyhow, the moment we had all been hoping would never actually was now inevitable and sad goodbyes were said. Bags were packed (some more difficultly than others… not naming names… especially my own…) and traveling plans were made.  I find it so strange how your appreciation for something grows when it’s gone. As I now spend my last few hours in Sorrento, my last night in Italy, and my last day in Europe as a whole, I begin to notice things I had never seemed to see before and enjoy things that I might have taken advantage of for the past four months. It seems as every last hug is longer and every last meal is especially delicious. You stare longer at the ocean and pay attention to silly details like the tiles making street signs on the buildings. Well… now that I have succeeded at sounding like a complete bucket of sap, I suppose I will get off my soap box and put up some pictures. Plus I’m hungry and a “farewell” crepe seems to be calling my name, and by farewell I mean white chocolate. Alrighty kids, this is Christie Lee signing out for… DISNEY… 3-6-5!

P.S. This is irrelevant to just about everything but I would like to point out that I just witnessed my first car crash in Italy right in front of me. A fruit truck nearly took off an opened door of a car parked along the sidewalk. Lot’s of  classic Italian hand signals were thrown (sadly the blog doesn’t allow for my spot on impersonations) and undecipherable words were exchanged.  THRILLING INDEED.