Just hardly a week back in America and I’m already on to my next adventure… CAMP! The next seven weeks I’ll be working at the ever so amazing Kanakuk Kamp K-Seven down in Lampe, Missoura (Yes, you say Missoura down there). This will be my second year on staff but my first year as a counselor so there are bound to be exciting experiences to come. From driving boats to teaching frisbee golf to jammin’ out to One Direction, I’m pumped to show these kiddos a crazy Kanakuk style time while tellin’ em about Jesus and His love! I get a one night off a week so check back in every so often to hear how it’s going and what I’m learning along the way! God is so good!

P.S. You should totally write me and I might totally write you back…

Christie Lee

118 K-7 Drive

Lampe, Missouri 65681