Ballin’ on a Budget and Rollin’ Without Wheels

Hello everyone! (Everyone being subjective to those who actually go to the trouble of venturing to this site of course.) Well long time no blog right? Welcome back to me I guess…

So summer is over (boo) and school has begun (yay?) and I am finally back in College Town USA for round three. While I am slowly settling into the swing of things here at the ole Stephens College (the “swing” being the acceptance of each week feeling like a finals week in itself), I am once again adjusting to schedules and thus remembering the importance of balance between social and school endeavors (an essential key to sanity no doubt).

Assuming this relationship between academics and fun (teachers reading: not that homework isn’t… fun) is something most all college students strive to maintain, I am excited to present my new series of posts which will hopefully aid those having trouble finding outlets of entertainment beyond the textbooks.

Although this “Top Ten” list is mainly directed toward all my Stephens ladies out there (what WHAT), the activities are available to really any college student living in Columbia, Missouri who find themselves “ballin’ on a budget” and/or “rollin’ without wheels”.

So with that said I will leave you with the anticipation of my next post marking the start of the “Top Ten” countdown and a few pictures of my recent affairs post the first day of school (for the mother… naturally… we can be friends on Facebook eventually, Mom).