Campus Clubbin’



 Stuck on campus?

 Get Involved!

 What more convenient place to find things to do than at your school itself? While you might think all the fun stuff is happening everywhere BUT here… I challenge you to take another look. Stephens College offers a wide array of extra curricular activities open to any student wanting to attend. Whether you love sports, theater, fashion, dance, movies, horses, Jesus, or all of the above, organizations at Stephens are continually holding events open to the entire student body. And the best part is… (drum roll)… joining is cheap and you can walk to it all!

 One might ask, “Gee, I wish I knew how to find out about all these ragin’ events…” Wonder no more! Just open your eyes as you walk down the halls of Dudley or wait for your spiced chai frappe in Stars and you will notice a plethora of flyers letting you know what is coming up next. If walking isn’t your thing, simply browse the school’s website for schedules and calendars of weekly happenings. Last but not least, stay in the know! Follow groups on Twitter and Facebook (I know you all have them) and you will be informed of activities the moment they are planned.

 Before you know it you will be having so much fun socializing here at Stephens that you won’t even have time to venture off campus… and your piggy bank will thank you