Hungry, Hungry Hipster

Don’t try and hide it ladies…

We all know what we do when there is nothing to do.


 Not that Stamper doesn’t do a magnificent job… dining downtown is more than just the food, it’s the experience!

With dozens of restaurants of all different cuisines just a moment’s walk away, Columbia’s downtown has something to offer no matter what your cravings desire.

After considerable consultation with multiple Columbia natives, I have devised a small and ecclectic list of local places to help you break away from the mainstream Panera or Papa John’s and experience a true taste of College Town USA.


You will often hear people rant on Ernie’s, however I challenge you to give this small breakfast diner a chance! Located right down 10th street, the diner offers all of your breakfast favorites with exiting twists for the more adventurous soul. Prices are lows but get there early because you won’t be the only one wanting to grab a booth for a lovely weekend brunch.


Tired of the same ole Starbucks and Kaldi’s? Expand your coffee horizons and stop into Lakota off 9th Street for perfectly brewed espressos and a trendy urban atmosphere. For those with a sweet tooth (such as myself), Lakota also offers a large menu of signature drinks and smoothies along with delectable bakery items such as muffins and scones. Prices are comparable to the other coffee shops in town and the café offers free Wi-Fi and late hours for those looking for a new place to study.


No doubt my favorite restaurant to rave about, this signature salad and burger joint on 9th Street lets customers deign their own creations with dozens of both classic and quirky topping choices. While prices are in the $10 dollar range, you get a substantial amount to eat and it is never less than satisfying.


If you are looking for a romantic date night or chic girls night out, Bleu is the place to go.  Located on Walnut Street, this restaurant and wine bar offers unique and delectable dishes in a classy and upbeat atmosphere. While prices are on the more expensive side, I promise it will be worth it!


A Columbian favorite, this ice cream parlor is one of a kind. Just walk past its location on 9th street and the sweet aroma will surely draw you in. With exciting flavors like lavender and cicada (yes… like the bug) to the comforting classics of vanilla and chocolate, all of the ice cream is hand made fresh and ready to be scooped into their homemade waffle cones. A delicious dessert treat for less than 5 dollars!

There you have it. From breakfast in the morning to your late night sweet, there are plenty of places nearby the Stephens campus to hit the spot and let you try something new. Plus, while the weather persists, all of these locations offer outdoor seating!

 P.S. If you go to Ingredient… invite me!