Bon Voyage

Ah… The classic pre-internship photo shoot. A definite MUST I look as though I’d fit in quite nicely, right? I know I blend. No need to tell me.

Cultural Chameleon

 After little sleep but a great deal of airport sprints, I somehow successfully made it—WITH my luggage—to the St. Thomas airport where I met a fellow Sail Caribbean staff to buddy up with for the remainder of the journey. A crowded cab took us to the ferry port where boarded the vessel that would take us to our final destination of Road Town, Tortola. After an hour of boating through bright turquoise waters past islands of green, we arrived at customs and made our way into town. The company director, Mike, was on his way to pick us up so my new friend Oliver and I stopped for some refreshing drinks under the warm Caribbean sun.

By around 5:00 in the evening I was taken to my new home for the summer. The two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment, a mere ten-minute walk from Sail Caribbean’s office, would house all six of us land staff, which was personally appreciated to the other option of living on a boat. I unpacked my things and got settled in, then headed down the road to Hodges Creek Marina where I would be working.

The marina was nothing I expected. Just beyond the palm tree surrounded building floated dozens of giant sailboats floating atop the clear blue water. Equipped with a swimming pool and open-air restaurant directly above, the office was bright and inviting, and not to mention air-conditioned—certainly a place I could get used to working in for the next three months.

As I was given a quick tour and introduced to handful of people, which all became a blur, an abrupt tropical shower added to the chaos. But once all the new staff arrived we all sat down on one of the boats to enjoy our first family dinner of staff training. After delicious jerk chicken, dirty rice, Caribbean slaw, and a newly discovered beverage called Ginger beer, we socialized for a short bit before heading off to bed since the majority of us were exhausted from a full day of travel. Tomorrow would mark the official start of my internship… Looks like there’s no turning back now!