Who Knows What Soursop Is?

So I’ve nearly completed the first week  of my internship here in the British Virgin Islands and it’s already clear that this summer will be one I’ll never forget. Although it’s only been training for most staff, social media doesn’t require much so I was able to begin my job within the first 24 hours of arrival. But that’s not to say that it’s been all work. Life on the land is much different than life on the boats and it’s safe to say I’m a “land-lubber” through and through. While spending the sunny afternoons playing… er, working… in the salt and the sand, it’s hard to beat going home to fresh water and air conditioning to unwind from the day.

 A typical day begins around 7:00 in the morning where I hop in the back of the staff truck to head to the marina for morning meetings. After schedules are made and duties assigned, I begin my responsibilities of preparing content for Sail Caribbean’s website as well as posting to the company’s Facebook and Twitter. There is always something exciting going on, so I’ll catch a ride to the island of the day to take pictures for trip updates and next year’s brochure.

 Work tends to wrap up around 5:00 in the evening and once the office closes down plans are made for the rest of the day. Fortunate for me, all my roommates are veterans who know just where to go and just what to do. Only four days in and I’ve already received a Caribbean experience that many never will. I’ve sailed on a 24’ keel boat to an island an hour away, been accepted into the secret hangout spot of the diver’s next door, rode to the highest point on Tortola to drink a soursop (Tortola’s indigenous fruit) smoothie, and eaten the famous jerk chicken wings of Pusser’s bar and grill. The operation guys let me tag along on a ski boat launch where I got a tour of the islands and rode through water so clear that if I had stuck my hand beneath the surface I swear I could have reached the ocean’s floor. I’ve seen sea turtles and barracudas, and although no one believes me, I swear I saw a shark. The Texan of the apartment, Parry, loves to cook (go figure), making us delicious family meals as we sit around watching movies and drinking Ting (grapefruit soda… mind. blown.), preparing for the next busy morning to come.