Photoshop and Boating Knots

Today marks the end of my third week interning in the British Virgin Islands. I am in shock looking back between stepping foot off the plane and where I stand now. While I’ve only lived here for a matter of weeks, my familiarity and comfort with everything from the island culture to fellow Sail Caribbean staff makes three weeks seem more like three years. Yet with that said, it seems new opportunities present themselves daily.

Although I’ve heard some sneer at the idea of a social media internship in the Caribbean, I assure you it’s more work than beach bum image you might envision. Sure it’s not your typical summer job, and granted the perks are hard to ignore, still “easy” is far from an accurate description.  You know what they say… Social media never sleeps! Well maybe they don’t say that yet, but I’m convinced it will catch on.

Yet while my job is social media, I’ve been involved with far more than just Facebook. Last weekend two of my coworkers recruited me as their “manager” as I joined them on their day off to help rep Sail Caribbean at VISAR’s annual Swim the Sound charity race. That day I watched nearly two hundred attendees swim and paddle board three miles from the Bitter End Yacht Club on Saba Rock across the channel to Leverick Bay. The divers who work next door let me tag along on their boat transporting the volunteer staff from the starting island to the finish, where a giant beach party and cookout was in store. Who knows… maybe next year I’ll be more than just a spectator! Highly unlikely, but maybe.

Perhaps my pictures argue otherwise, but I truly am learning a lot. I’ve found there’s so much to be gained by simply trying something new and challenging the boundaries of your comfort zone. I wanted an internship that provided more than just an office education and I am certainly getting that here! Besides, how many chances do you get to learn the lasso tool in Photoshop and how to tie a cleave hitch on a yacht in the very same day?