About Me

I’m not a hipster… unfortunately. I like to think I am, but I’m not. Urban Dictionary says I shower too often to be considered that cool. I am, in fact, a bit harder to label.

 Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, I have recently graduated from Stephens College in Columbia with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising complimented with a minor in Event Planning. However, my college career was not solely based on the traditional campus. Throughout my four years I managed to study abroad on four separate occasions. Obsessed? Definitely. Now facing the real world post undergrad, I am looking to both continue my education with a Master’s degree as well as start my career in the marketing communications industry with a creative company that shares my enthusiastic outlook on life.

 I am passionate about many things and find inspiration through even more. By my father’s advice, I work as hard as I play and my ambition drives me to achieve the goals I set. I try not to take life too seriously and believe true joy is not be based upon circumstances but instead the existence of love.


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